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  • What is KnowYourBaller?
    KYB is a statistical analysis service exclusively focused on basketball analytics. Our mission is to provide you with analysis which improves your game, team or even your entire basketball program by rapidly increasing your basketball IQ to levels your competitors just can’t duplicate. We supply you with a competitive advantage by giving you incredibly in-depth insight into not just your squad, but that of your opponents as well. We provide you tools others can’t. In order to help you succeed at every level, as young as fourth grade and as old college senior years, we lift you higher.
  • How does it work?
    Intense analysis of every aspect of each game by highly skilled basketball fanatics. With KYB you are getting a comprehensive game review from basketball savants; former players, coaches, analysts that study this subject at a scientific level. Every game is evaluated, every significant event is tracked, and in the end the most comprehensive mosaic you’ll ever see is put in your hands so you can do the things YOU need to do to improve.
  • Why KYB vs Others?
    We give you both sides right from the jump. Other services focus exclusively on just your team, not providing detail on the opponent. Not only is our analysis more in depth than others, we tell you what the opposition is doing to you. We shine a light on weaknesses. We help you to see that your “GOAT” may be getting 17 a game, but in the end the GOAT is also giving up 20 by loafing on D so the GOAT is actually a lamb getting you slaughtered by costing you three every time they step on the court. That’s right, we use stats to bring to the surface any loafing that’s happening out there, we give you details to bring visibility into why it seems like your margin of victory should be 15+ but somehow every game is a nail biter and you keep losing to inferior teams by 3 points at the end. Yep, that’s right, we introduce unconventional, yet statistically valid, variables. Coaches are always yelling about lazy defense, well we quantify it and help you to visualize the damage it is doing to your team. It doesn’t stop there though, we tell you when shots are forced, when shots are contested and we tell you WHY they were missed. We tell you when a player is out of control, we tell you when a player is aggressive and brings value to the team by racking up fouls that ultimately help lead to points late in the game. We tell you when a player anticipated a pass coming and jumped the pass to get a TO. Again, we focus on overall basketball IQ improvement! This isn’t your daddy’s box score! In the end, KYB provides granular data that lifts your game, individually, as a team, or as a program- and we provide this intense detail regardless of the age group. The earlier a player’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, the better their game will improve across the years. Our proprietary database is designed to capture player’s stats across years and years of playing, ultimately providing an ever evolving dashboard of player performance. Our goal is to arm you as a player with a recruiting advantage by being able to provide any coach in the world with visibility into the full range of your game. No other service gives you these tools. We are talking about INTERNATIONAL exposure- Basketball is a universal language, we speak it better than anyone!
    Being a successful program administrator requires so many different things. You have to watch game after game after game. You have to listen to coaches, to parents, to referees, all giving you their “gut feel”, telling you they know this player is the next Jordan, Kobe or Tamika Catchings. Everyday you have to listen to the hype on certain players; all these messages carry some level of bias. So while you listen, watch, take notes, do you really KNOW what those players are all about before you bring them into your program? -Being a successful youth coach requires so many different things. You have to know your players inside and out, what makes them tick, what gets them frustrated, where they shine and where they slide. As a coach you feel like you KNOW who is doing good and who is hurting you, you see it in the game and you see it on tape, but do you really get to see it “on paper”? Yeah I know you, the player that walks over to the scoring table as soon as the game ends, takes a pic of the scorebook, gets in the ride with your friends and starts yapping about how you had 23 and how the rest of ya’ll… yeah you know I am talking to you… but do you really KNOW how well you played? Do you know if you really stuffed the stat sheet? Whether a coach or a player, or even a program administrator, KnowYourBaller is the key to taking your program, team, or your individual game to an all new level. Look around, everything we do today has some sort of analytics, everything. Well if you want to take your game to the next level, it’s time you used a comprehensive look at your game to make the changes you need to improve it, and KnowYourBaller is the industry’s unparalleled tool to be able to do exactly that. KnowYourBaller is basketball’s gold standard analytical deep dive into program, team, and individual performance. Being the best is not about “getting buckets” in the last game. Being the best is about averaging 24.8, pulling down 7.5 boards, dishing 4.3 assists, and having a VPS of 1.74 across 50 games over the AAU or school season. Oh wait, you don’t know what VPS means and what it tells coaches and recruiters about your game, your squad, your program? Once you sign up for KnowYourBaller you will, and trust us, it will take you to places you didn’t even know existed; it opens doors!
  • What Services Does Know Your Baller Provide?
    Stats, Video, and Player Evaluations with the click of a button. Whether you are a parent, player or administrator, whether you want a single game, a season, or multiple teams, KYB offers a solution customized for you. With the click of a button you can gain access to in-depth knowledge about you, your player, your team, your program, or even better you can get instant intel on your opponents. Playing in the Gold bracket and facing the #1 seed but have no info on them? What if you could click a button and instantly access stats and even video of that #1 seed? What if you could utilize the KYB library to review the stats and videos from numerous games played by that #1 seed across different tournaments in recent weeks? Would that increase your odds of playing in the championship game on Sunday… it absolutely would! KYB won’t just tell you “#15 gets buckets” like you hear buzzing around the gym, KYB will tell you that #15 shoots from distance like Steph and dishes like Kryie, but can’t finish a layup to save his life and shoots FT’s worse than Ben Wallace. With that type of intel you can guard him heavy at the line and make sure if he gets loose you hammer him and make him earn it at the stripe, he misses 8 FT’s vs making 8 layups, that’s a possible 24 point swing in your direction, all based on having knowledge of your opponent. That’s intel that works for you, that’s winning with strategy based on trends and patterns. That’s elevating your team’s basketball IQ to levels that no other service can offer! KYB is your premiere source for mix-tape productions. We’re different, we spend time making it all about you. We’ll go iso, we’ll slow mo', we’ll replay, we’ll add effects. We’ll create highlight footage, mixed with our depth of stats, that will be your launching pad to getting noticed and staying noticed. We’ll promote you on all the Social Media platforms. KYB will also provide you with the industry’s most in-depth personal evaluation. This isn’t your grandpa’s evaluation, we’ll bring Next Gen data to the evaluation, and we’ll tell you the truth. Our service isn’t about getting your money and providing an off the shelf template, we’re going to give you legitimate critique of your game. Our goal, is for your goals, to get bigger and to help you achieve those goals!
  • What stats do you have that others don’t?
    Because you are getting analysis from experts, from ballers, we give you details that others just can’t provide. We’ve developed the following specialized variables all intended to supply insight that you just cannot get elsewhere. GGBU- Great, Good, Bad, Ugly: GGBU takes into account 60 unique variables, some of which are proprietary to us, and provides the most comprehensive analytical view of players / teams on a game or multi-game basis that has ever been developed. We blow the stat sheet up with variables that other services don’t even consider; quit overdribbling, stop failing to help, keep driving hard, keep throwing outlet passes for 3’s. These are attributes other services don’t even attempt. If a player is hiding bad habits, this measure is going to help you to identify and correct them. Hustle: We all know it when we see it, only KYB quantifies it and incorporates it into the analysis of whether you are winning or losing games. Hustle players are infectious, they get the team going! Great Defense: We all know it when we see it, only KYB quantifies it and incorporates it into the analysis of whether you are winning or losing games. Players that play great defense create more scoring opportunities- period! Lazy Defense: We all know it when we see it, only KYB quantifies it and incorporates it into the analysis of whether you are winning or losing games. Lazy defenders can be the single biggest reason you are losing games. Doesn’t matter if a player scores 23 a game if they are accountable for 27 a game on the other side because they can’t keep the opposition from getting to the rim! Aggression vs Loafing Ratio: A player that is going out there and trying to make things happen vs a player that is hiding in the shadows, is ALWAYS going to help your team win; we are the only service that identifies those players. Bad Offense: We all know it when we see it, only KYB quantifies it and incorporates it into the analysis of whether you are winning or losing games. Who is constantly throwing late passes, passing and standing still, not taking open looks, we tell you who that is so you can work with them on it. Great Offense: We all know it when we see it, only KYB quantifies it and incorporates it into the analysis of whether you are winning or losing games. We tell you who is setting those screens, who is blowing by their defender, who is pushing the ball up the court to get early offense- no one else does that. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, we don’t just provide details on shot %, we tell you what % of jumpers from 4-10 ft come off hard or are airballs vs how many floaters from inside 4 ft were on target. We tell you how many times a player made a pass that should have been an assist but wasn’t converted on. We tell you when a player can’t get to a rebound but smartly attempts to tip it to a teammate. We tell you EVERYTHING! WE TELL YOU HOW TO BEAT YOUR OPPONENT BECAUSE YOU KNOW THEM BETER THAN THEY KNOW THEMSELVES! See Image.
  • How long does it take?
    You control the timing. Need it in less than 5 Hrs, we provide that. Our standard turn around time is 48 hours after receipt of footage, if you need it fast however, we can turn it around in less than 5 hours for an additional $25 per game.
  • Do you provided Quarters or Half Analysis?
    We provide analysis based on the type of game you play. If it is a game with Quarters we will analyze by Quarter but if by Half we will provide by Half.
  • You provide Away vs Home Analysis, what if it is a Neutral site game?"
    Home vs Away is largely for school ball, but we also have a Neutral site classification for tourney play as well as most AAU games.
  • Why is your data set up to print and not “mobile”?
    We believe our reports are the best in the industry for supplying information at both a player and team level. Therefore we prepare our reports so that a coach, player, parent, administrator, opponent, can simply hit print, highlight the issues they want to focus on, and distribute to the appropriate party as necessary. We’re working toward an online platform for delivery as well though we still believe the complication of needing multiple user accounts etc… makes the paper presentation a viable method of delivery especially in a coach to team environment.
  • How do I retrieve my reports?
    Reports are transmitted via email as PDF files.
  • How do I retrieve my videos?
    Your mix-tapes will be posted on our Youtube Channel at and we will provide you with the actual video file
  • What is a realistic age group for Know Your Baller?
    4th grade and up. Starting in the 4th grade it is possible to start identifying those players that see the court, that know how to navigate traffic and those that can play great defense. Ideally setting up an account at 4th grade and running all the way through the NBA playing days is the way to go!
  • How do I get started?
    Getting started is easy. Go to the “Log-In” link and become a member From there we will contact you finish setting up your profile and talk you through how service works
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